611. WE-Heraeus-Seminar: Mechanisms of Tribology
Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, Germany
29.03.2016 - 01.04.2016
Aims and Scope

The WE Heraeus Seminars 'Mechanisms of Tribology' is intended to further the exchange between scientists from different areas of tribology. This idea is reflected in the structure of the seminar where a number of invited talks about fundamental principles in tribology are complemented by poster presentations highlighting current topics in tribology. The number of participants is limited to appr. 50, which results in an atmosphere ideal for discussion and personal exchange of ideas.

A large spectrum of tribological problems is covered within the workshop ranging from fundamental single molecule friction experiments up to more applied problems like the tribochemistry of lubrication additives. This diversity of topics goes along with a large variety of experimental and theoretical methods to understand and optimize friction on the nano-, meso- and macro-scale. Among the experimental techniques are approaches like scanning probe microscopy, microtribology, and surface force apparatus experiments whereas theory encompasses e.g. ab-initio methods, molecular dynamics simulations and phenomenological models based on thermodynamics.

To close the gap between fundamental research and application, the seminar does not only address scientists from physics, physical chemistry, biophysics, and material science but also encourages engineers either from research oriented institutes or industry to participate.

The seminar will be completely funded and locally organized by the 'Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation'. For accepted participants free board and lodging will be supplied by the 'WE Heraeus-Foundation'.